‘It’s About Time’ – ‘Girls’ Season 2, Episode 1


Having watched the entire first season Girls in two days, I have been ridiculously excited about the arrival of season 2. From speaking to people about Girls, I’ve heard mixed reactions, although most of my 20 something friends love it, as do I, so I was counting down the hours until I could watch the first new episode of season 2. I was not disappointed.

My previous post on Girls, season 1, highlighted a few issues that the finale had raised, and how these might progress in season 2:

Will Marnie stop being so boring and uptight and go a bit crazy?

One thing I’d hoped was that Marnie might loosen up a bit. Her having sex with Elijah – an openly gay man – was not really what I had expected, but it certainly made for entertainingly awkward viewing. Although, the episode ended with Marnie going back to her ex-boyfriend’s house because she needed company – I really hope she doesn’t go back to him because, let’s face it – he’s boring.

Will anything develop between Shoshanna and Ray?

Shoshanna is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, essentially because she’s hilarious. I loved the scene between her and Ray while she looked for her bag –  ‘it’s pretty shiny so I’ll probably find it soon.’ I’ll admit, Shoshanna is kind of crazy, but she did defend herself against Ray. Yes, did it involve the slightly petty ‘unfriending’ him on Facebook, but she also came out with some great lines – my favourite being: ‘I only wanna date people who wanna date me because that is called self respect.’ That being said, it seems Ray can’t resist the crazy/empowered side of Shoshanna as they end up kissing, and I get the feeling this may develop into a relationship.

Why on earth did Jessa marry creepy old threesome man?

Jessa and Thomas-John had minimal airtime in this episode, except a scene where they hop in a cab and she cracks up as she doesn’t even know where they live. I really hope this plot line is going to go somewhere good, because it’s not doing much for me at the moment.

Do Hannah and Adam have any sort of future?

Hannah’s life seems to be increasingly complicated as she is now torn between the affections of three men: Adam, Elijah, and Sandy. We can already see evidence of this clash putting a strain on Hannah, for example when Elijah needs her help getting rid of his drunk boyfriend, while a bedridden Adam demands she brings him painkillers. When it comes to the guy she is actually supposed to be seeing – Sandy, she is apparently taking a sensible approach: ‘I’m going to make logical, responsible decisions when it comes to you.’

Dunham has been criticised for presenting a very ‘white’ perspective in Girls. So some people have questioned her inclusion of Sandy – a black Republican, played by African-American Donald Glover – as a way of silencing those criticisms. But Dunham tells Vulture magazine: ‘We always wanted to work with Donald…But I think that when we shot that scene, there was both a feeling that it was the appropriate place for the character to be and a sense that it would, for people who had been paying attention to the backlash, at least evoke some sense that we were in a dialogue with our audience. It definitely wasn’t a “Fuck you, haters!” That’s not really how I tend to roll my game. But at the same time, it was a pretty clear statement that we are comfortable, that there isn’t a political agenda against having black characters in the show.’ I think she can’t really win on this one. But the development of his character will be key.

As Hannah tries to keep her relationship with Sandy casual, we didn’t see much of him in this episode, but I am intrigued to see how this will progress. As for the whether Hannah and Adam have a future, I kind of hope she sticks to her guns and keeps her distance from him. Although, I have a feeling this may be short lived.

So Girls is back, and as entertaining as ever – here’s a few personal highlights of the episode:

– Hannah’s hilarious attempt at ‘sexy talk’ which consisted of simply repeating everything Sandy said.

– The exchange between Ray and Shoshanna on Emoticons:

Ray: “You know, when I’m not around you, when you just send me a text full of emojis, it is so easy to dismiss you.”
Shoshanna: “What is wrong with emojis?”
Ray: “A panda next to a gun next to a wrapped gift? It makes no sense.”

– Marnie’s mum’s comment about being ‘between jobs’ – ‘Don’t say fired, you’re transitioning.’ Wish I’d thought to say that when people kept asking me what I was doing with my life during the post-uni/not-quite-found-a-job-yet stage…


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