‘It’s a Shame About Ray’ – Girls, Season 2, Episode 4

In a nutshell:
–    Elijah moves out of Hannah’s apartment.
–    Jessa and Thomas-John finally call it a day on their ridiculous marriage.
–    Ray & Shoshanna exchange those three little words.
–    Marnie finds herself in the middle of a domestic between her boring ex-boyfriend Charlie, and his annoying girlfriend Audrey.

The details:
This episode sees Elijah depart from Girls, which is a shame – he was a pretty entertaining character and would often tell Hannah when she was being ridiculous. Elijah isn’t too happy about the departure either – he tells Hannah as he packs up his stuff, ‘I am LIVID that it has come to this.’ I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Elijah but I will miss his presence on the show as a regular character.

To celebrate her newfound independence, and getting paid for her freelance work, Hannah hosts a dinner party. She invites Charlie & Audrey, Ray & Shoshannah, and also invites Marnie as a ‘gesture’ – but as she actually shows up, the meal becomes pretty awkward. In light of their huge argument, Hannah is taken aback by Marnie turning up, and tells Charlie that ‘it is frankly psychotic of her to show up.’ However, she resolves this awkward situation by deciding that nobody should leave: ‘don’t go…and you don’t go…nobody go.’

Despite this, the dinner is filled with awkward moments and bitchy comments. Topics of discussion at the dinner table range from ‘butt plugs’ to Audrey starting her own mustard company (complete with gushing enthusiasm from wet blanket Charlie). Eventually, Marnie has a sly dig at Audrey asking: ‘so where do you get your headbands’ (to be fair – she looks ridiculous in that headband, I rate her for asking.) This results in all hell breaking lose between Marnie and Audrey, who shouts across the dinner table: ‘I’m tired of being polite, you’re a fucking stepford psycho and I’m tired of seeing you around everywhere!’

One of them has to leave, but Hannah leaves it up to Charlie to decide, at which point Marnie storms out, closely followed by Charlie. He joins Marnie on the roof and tries to kiss her, but she stops him, telling him that she’s seeing Booth Jonathan. At this point, Charlie says the only funny thing he’s ever said – referring to Booth Jonathan as ‘that little ewok in fucking Capri pants.’

Back at the dinner table, Shoshanna is discovering that, unbeknown to her, Ray and she are living together. It’s clear she’s been caught off guard about the fact that she was unwittingly co-habiting with Ray, telling him: ‘I would have liked to have been informed of that fact so I could’ve like, you know, bought some new sheets or called my aunt for advice about living with a man for the first time.’

Later on in the episode, Ray and Shoshanna have a pretty intense chat while waiting for the subway. They talk about the fact that, at age 31, Ray should have his own place, and more interests. Ray admits that he’s a loser and asks: ‘what makes me worth dating? What makes me worth fucking anything.’ Shoshanna finds herself replying, ‘that I’m falling in love with you.’ At first, Ray reacts badly, mumbling that it’s way too early for her to say that, and Shoshanna holds back the tears and tries to apologise. Just when I was getting ready to hate on Ray for making Shosh cry, he mans up and says ‘I love you so fucking much’ – albeit terribly timed to coincide with a load of subway noise as a train pulls in.

This scene is a great example of how Girls presents something that could be cliché, but portrays it in a realistic way. Ray and Shoshanna could have said they loved each other for the first time over a romantic candlelit dinner, but that would be a very ‘Hollywood’ view of life – instead they say it in the middle of an argument in a grotty New York subway station.


Elsewhere, Jessa is meeting Thomas-John’s parents for the first time, and banging on about the fact that she’s travelled the world; dropped out of school; and went to rehab for using heroin. Understandably, Thomas-John is pretty angry about the first impression that Jessa leaves on his parents, which culminates in him and Jessa having a huge row and finally facing the fact that their marriage was a huge mistake.

With nowhere else to go, Jessa turns up at Hannah’s apartment while Hannah is in the bath, singing Wonderwall to herself – apparently everyone seems to have a key to Hannah’s apartment. Jessa promptly joins Hannah in the bathtub and starts crying. At this point, I did kind of feel sorry for Jessa. However, tears soon turn into laughter, as Jessa ‘snot rockets’ (exactly what it sounds like) into their shared bath.

My highlights:

Hannah: ‘Marnie we need to get it together because this girl’s starting a mustard company and what have we ever done with our lives that’s so great.’
Marnie: ‘Nothing that great, nothing with condiments.’

Hannah, after being told that she needs to grow up:
‘Um excuse me I am grown up, that’s why I cooked all this food!’

This isn’t really a highlight but a choice quote that captures everything that annoys me about Jessa: ‘I only eat meat when I’m menstruating.’

Shoshannah: ‘We can talk about it when we get back to our shared home, which we apparently share.’


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