Tunnel Vision/Blurred Lines: when did music videos featuring women in g-strings become ‘artistic’?

This week Youtube lifted its ban of Justin Timberlake’s video for Tunnel Vision (which they implicated just a few days before they changed their minds). The reason for this change of heart? Artistic merit, apparently. Their official line was: “While our guidelines generally prohibit nudity, we make exceptions when it is presented in an educational, documentary or artistic context, and take care to add appropriate warnings and age restrictions.”

The video for Tunnel Vision features various women gyrating around completely naked apart from a tiny nude g-string, while Justin Timberlake appears fully suited. On watching this video I thought, I’ve seen a similar display of female objectification recently – where was it? Oh yes, Robin Thicke’s video for Blurred Lines, which also features gyrating women in nothing but a g-straaang while Robin Thicke is also suited up. Continue reading