Girls: Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

girls-s3It’s back. The only thing I would interrupt my relentless Breaking Bad marathon for: Girls.

In a nutshell:

  • Shosh is loving the single life
  • Marnie is moaning about everything (as per)
  • Hannah and Adam seem to have finally got it together
  • Jessa has been located – she’s in rehab (being kooky)

The details:

The first of a double instalment opens just as the pilot did – panning along a set of intertwined legs in bed, except this time when we reach the pillow, it’s Adam’s head, not Marnie’s, that we see next to Hannah’s. It’s indicative of the fact that Hannah is now all loved up in what seems a relatively good relationship with Adam – who she refers to as her “partner in life and love”.

It’s all going pretty swimmingly – Hannah’s hair has now manifested itself into something that resembles a haircut, Adam makes sure she takes her medication and it seems like they’ve got a good thing going. There’s a pretty awkward moment where they run into Natalia and her crazy friend who both shout at Adam for a while about how badly he treated Natalia. It looks like the shit is really going to hit the proverbial fan when said crazy friend announces that Natalia is pregnant with Adam’s baby, but it turns out it’s just a hilarious joke. Hannah’s not too amused but stays very quiet – probably a wise move.

Elsewhere, Marnie’s pretty much hating life. She’s working at Ray’s coffee shop and living at her mum’s house. But it’s not all bad news as she’s moved out to her own place by the end of episode two. Her mum might refer to it as a “shit box” but hey, she’s employed and has a place to live: tick and tick. But there’s one box that remains distinctly unticked. Despite ending season two all loved up with Charlie, he’s now kicked her to the curb.

She’s pretty confused about the whole thing: “This whole situation makes no sense. We bought the ingredients to make grilled pizzas, we were going to make grilled pizzas, and the day we’re supposed to that, he left me. On what fucking planet does that make any sense?” So, there’s that.

On a lighter note, Shosh has a new life tactic: “alternating nights of freedom with nights of academic focus.” She’s pretty different to her season one-self and is, to put it bluntly, busy slutting it up.

Now to my least fave of the fab four: Jessa. Having been AWOL at the end of season two, she’s turned up in rehab. Predictably, she’s not really into it and is causing quite a stir in the group therapy sessions, particularly when she informs a girl who has just been talking about her abusive childhood, that she is in fact a lesbian and should just kind of get over it.

The best thing about the whole Jessa-in-rehab thing is that Laura, the girl she accuses of being a lesbian, is played by Danielle Brooks AKA “Taystee” from OITNB, who obviously wildly improves any scene with Jessa in. Jessa makes up for publically outing her by giving Laura her first lesbian experience and simultaneously getting kicked out of rehab.

Jessa enlists Hannah and the gang’s help to come and retrieve her, despite the fact that it later transpires that the rehab staff would have driven her to an airport. Hannah, Shosh and Adam go on a road trip to rehab, but Hannah, clearly after some sort of On The Road type action, finds it pretty unremarkable as far as road trips go.

Hannah tells Jessa to stop leaving her and Jessa tells Hannah that her hair looks great. The upshot is that Jessa’s back on the scene. For now.

Although not as many laugh out loud moments as the first season’s offerings, the first two episodes of season three are entertaining and it’s good to see that Hannah, at least, is “almost getting it kind of together.”


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