5 reasons to be excited for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black

It’s now just under a month until OITNB returns on 6 June, when those bloody great people at Netflix will upload the whole of season two for our consumption. So you better clear your schedules for that weekend, or at least that day if you’re really committed.

Here’s five reasons to get even more excited about the return of the Litchfield gang.

Contains spoilers from season 1

  1. The season ended with Piper basically beating Pensatucky to death (although she may not actually be dead). Either way, what the HECK is going to happen re: that last scene? Surely Piper can’t spend the rest of the entire show in SHU? Though, be warned, the trailer for season 2 shows that she’s kind of changed from the happy, soap-making gal she was before she went inside, as she announces: “I’m a lone wolf and a vicious one”.piper and pensa
  2. There’s a new character and with her comes a whole new feud with everyone’s favourite russian red-head AKA, Red. The trailer for season 2 shows the arrival of Yvonee “Vee” Parker – an old “friend” of Red’s. I get the vibe that Red is a bit peeved about this as she doesn’t seem overly enthused in the trailer: “A woman I knew a long time ago came back in yesterday.”red
  3. The imminent arrival of Daya and Bennett’s baby. Daya’s plan is that Bennett’s fellow officer, Mendez (AKA Pornstache) will be assumed to be the father of her child after she set him up last season. But that all seems a bit straightforward – are they going to be able to pull it off and keep up their secret relationship? Realistically, probs not.teeth
  4. More backstories, and lots of em. There’s still loads of characters that we don’t know that much about. Morello is one of them and if the trailer’s anything to go off, we’ll be finding out a whole lot more about her life pre-prison. Either that, or she got out of jail and the first thing she did was buy a denim dress. Both are plausible options.morello
  5. After a brief stint in the outside world, Taystee is back. Need I say more?taystee

You can watch the trailer for season two here: