Orange Is The New Black: Episode 5


As usual there’s a lot going on in this episode. Flashback territory belongs mainly to Diaz, giving us some insight into her relationship with her mother, who’s serving time in the same prison – they don’t seem to be big pals. Diaz’s flashbacks reveal that her mum isn’t going to win any awards for Mum of the Year she leaves Diaz in charge of looking after the kids while she swans off with some suspect-looking guy who seems to be running some sort of drug outlet from their house. She tells Diaz to order a pizza – ‘I’m eating oysters bitches.’ Charming. Continue reading


Upcoming Album Releases of 2013

It’s cold. It’s raining. I’ve rediscovered my boots. This can only mean one thing: summer is well and truly over. 2013 has been an exciting year for album releases, including a long awaited release from Daft Punk and a surprise return from David Bowie. But there’s still more to come – so to take your mind off the incessant rain outside, here’s some upcoming albums to look out for. Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: Episode 4


Opening where we left off in the last episode (Crazy Eyes whazzing all over the floor of Chapman’s new cell), Chapman is now dealing with aftermath and trying desperately to clean up this mess with maxi pads. Claudette is not impressed with Chapman’s cleaning skills – this maxi pad technique is all well and good but how is she going to disinfect the floor? ‘I don’t know, I’ve never cleaned up another person’s pee before!’ Prompting yet another dig at Chapman’s middle class status, Claudette responds, ‘what a privileged life you’ve lead.’ Continue reading

Secret Theatre – an inspired initiative or post-structuralism gone mad?

The new season of Secret Theatre at the Lyric asks its audience to take a leap of faith when buying tickets, as they won’t know the play’s title, who’s in it, or who wrote it – it could be a brand new play, a quirky adaptation, or a classic production. Whatever it is, the idea behind Secret Theatre is that you won’t know until the curtain comes up. Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: Episode 3

The episode opens with a scene set in a firestation: there are no particularly familiar characters so at first it’s not openly apparent where this is going, until we realise that one of the firemen, is in fact Sophia Burset (one of the female inmates) before her transgender operation. Burset, as a man, changes in the cubicles at work to conceal the pink, lace underwear he has on.


Flashbacks of Burset’s life dominate this episode, filling in her background story as well as presenting some of the issues and difficulties of being a transgender. As a man, Burset had a wife and son, and while his wife tries to hold onto their relationship and accept him as a woman, their son, understandably, doesn’t really get it. Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: Episode 2

Firstly, I admit that I am binging out on this show, but blame Netflix – they put the whole season up at once, rather than an episode at a time.


One thing I didn’t mention about the previous episode was that Chapman made the fundamental error of insulting the prison food in front of Red – essentially head ‘chef.’ First impressions suggest you don’t mess with Red. Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: Episode 1


Having exhausted all of Game of Thrones Season 3 in about two days, as well as getting impatient for Girls to return (which I now learn won’t be until 2014!) I decided it was time I found a new show to watch. Enter: Orange Is The New Black.

The show stars Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, who’s about to serve a 15 month sentence in prison for carrying drug money for her former girlfriend 10 years ago.

OITNB keeps you engaged by cutting between Chapman’s present day life in prison and  introducing the back story slowly through flashbacks, rather than bombarding you with it all at once. Continue reading