Girls: Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

girls-s3It’s back. The only thing I would interrupt my relentless Breaking Bad marathon for: Girls.

In a nutshell:

  • Shosh is loving the single life
  • Marnie is moaning about everything (as per)
  • Hannah and Adam seem to have finally got it together
  • Jessa has been located – she’s in rehab (being kooky)

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‘On All Fours’ – Girls – Season 2, Episode 9

In a nutshell:
– Marnie takes cringe to a whole new level
– Shosh tells Ray about her encounter with the doorman (kind of)
– Hannah accidentally shoves a cotton wool bud in her ear and ends up in hospital
– Adam’s weird side resurfaces
– Jessa is still MIA

The details:


It’s official: Marnie has lost the plot. But it kind of makes for compulsive viewing..and I can’t imagine it’s just me. Really, nothing more needs to be said on the matter except that she did an impromptu performance of Kanye West’s Stronger this episode at a huge party celebrating Charlie’s company’s success. Grabbing the mic and randomly belting out a song at any such occasion is pretty awkward but…Kanye West? Really, Marnie? Continue reading